Friday, March 15, 2019

For The Win Do It Yourself believes in empowering those who do things independently and find their own way, without selling their soul. 

Musicians, Artists, Entrepreneurs and anyone else that believe in themselves, their ability, purpose, art, gift etc- We will stick together and support each other's personal growth #FTWDIY Because in the end- you're born alone and you die alone and nobody can take from you what you have within yourself. Self Love. Self Respect. Self Confidence. Self Reliance. 

Let's stop enabling, stop codependency and start empowering those we truly love and care about, starting with Self- with accountability and acceptance. We we're all born equal with the same potential and when we Unite with those who offer genuine love and support- we grow. Let us #Motivate and #Inspire as a TEAM. 

For The Win/Fuck The World - Do It Yourself.

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